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17 Shirts You Need for Your Bridesmaid Squad

Your bridesmaids are your besties. They’re part of your squad, and they deserve the best. Dress your girls in style with one of the below styles.   #1. Mermaids   #2 I’m a Cool Bride    #3 Whiskey Drinking Helluva Time…


4 Easy Hikes in Maryland for You and Your Pup

Passionate pupper parents be aware: we live in a beautiful state and we have a plethora of fantastic trails to explore with our fur babies! See this girl? This is my BFF, YiaYia (pronounced Ya-Ya). She is a ten-year old pittie with a type of cancer called…

Start a Blog

7 Easy Steps to Create a Profitable Blog

Why Start A Blog?Eight years ago, I began my journey as a veterinary technician in a small animal clinic in Maryland… That’s 15 year-old me… full of potential, energy, and passion for animals. Not to mention I was wearing WHITE scrub pants while working. Go me…


80 Disney Mouse Ears to DIY or Buy Before Your Next Disney Vacation

Mickey Mouse ears are an iconic staple in Disney culture. Boarding the monorail first thing in the morning and looking around at all the cool headbands that you don’t have can be pretty disappointing. If you’ve been in this situation, check out this handy little guide for making…



Okay, who doesn’t love to come home after a long day, pop a fruity, brightly colored bath bomb in the tub, and play in the suds? *crickets* That’s what I thought. Now who loves paying $6.00+ for one fizzy bath experience?  *Crickets, again.* Well, now we’re…