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17 Shirts You Need for Your Bridesmaid Squad


Your bridesmaids are your besties. They’re part of your squad, and they deserve the best. Dress your girls in style with one of the below styles.




#1. Mermaids

Mermaid Bridesmaids via Bachette




#2 I’m a Cool Bride


“I’m a Cool Bride” via TrexandUnicorn




#3 Whiskey Drinking Helluva Time


Whiskey Drinking Helluva Time via Bachette




#4 I Washed Up Like This


I Washed Up Like This via Bachette




#5 Drinking Margaritas with My Senoritas



Drinking Margaritas with My Senoritas via Bachette




#6 That’s What She Said


That’s What She Said via Bachette




#7 Let’s Get Cray

Let’s Get Cray via Bachette




#8 Nacho Average Bride


Nacho Average Bride via bachelorettepub




#9 Simple & Classic


Bridesmaid via ModParty




#10 Aloha Beaches


Aloha Beaches via SparkledwithGraceCo




#11 Let’s Flamingle


Let’s Flamingle! via Bachette




#12 Aloha, Bride


Aloha, Bride via Bachette




#13 Wife of the Party


Wife of the Party via Official PGPapparel




#14 Drunk in Love


Drunk in Love via ALLWeddingGifts




#16 “Bridesmaids” Quotes


Bridesmaids via LineLiam




#16 Shipfaced


Shipfaced via LineLiam




#17 Criminals


Criminals via LineLiam





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