80 Disney Mouse Ears to DIY or Buy Before Your Next Disney Vacation


Mickey Mouse ears are an iconic staple in Disney culture. Boarding the monorail first thing in the morning and looking around at all the cool headbands that you don’t have can be pretty disappointing. If you’ve been in this situation, check out this handy little guide for making your own Disney Ear Headbands!

First, snag your own pair of plain Mickey Mouse ears here.

Then, start by adding your “base layer” to your ears with a hot glue gun. This can be anything from felt to sequins to yarn – just make it YOUR OWN. There is NO wrong choice! Be sure to leave a small hole for stuffing if you want your ears to be plump. Click each option below to shop for your supplies.



Sequins via Amazon
Reversible Sequins via Amazon
Affordable Faux Sequins via Amazon
Felt via Amazon
Faux Fur via Amazon
Solid Fabric via Walmart
Glitter Felt via Amazon
Printed Fabric via Amazon


Now that you have you selection(s) picked out, now you just need embellishments. These can literally be anything from netting to beads to flowers!

Finally, to finish off your headband, add a bow like one of these:



Sequin Bows via Amazon
Bows via Amazon
Glitter Bows via Amazon



And that’s it! Now you’ve got yourself some brand new ears!




Need Inspo? Check out this list of Disney ears to DIY or buy before your next trip to Disney!


101 Dalmations

101 Dalmations by MouseKoutureEars


by EarsWestofWonderland




by Lizzyzbowtique



by ToNeverNeverland


Jasmine Disney Inspired Ears, Jasmine Ears, Jasmine Mickey Ears, Aladdin Disney Inspired Ears, Aladdin Ears, Jasmine - Pre-Order Listing
by ToNeverNeverland


Alice in Wonderland


by WorldOfEars11


by DashingColorsbyNate


by EverAfterByPatti


The Aristocats


by EverAfterbyPatti




by ComicGeekOut


Beauty and the Beast


by EverAfterByPatti


by Lizzyzbowtique


Big Hero 6


by GlamBOWtiqueShop




by ToNeverNeverLand




by Fancyyourdisney




by EarsWestofWonderland




by PixieDustForDays


by EverAfterbyPatti


Emperor’s New Groove


by ToNeverNeverLand



Finding Nemo


by EverAfterByPatti




by Lizzyzbowtique


Haunted Mansion
by EverAfterByPatti


by EmilysEnchantingArt


Hunchback of Notre Dame
by LUVKittyKatrina


The Jungle Book
by NicoleRoseCrafts
by OctostacheCrafts


Lady and the Tramp
by RissandMiss


Lilo and Stitch
by ComicGeekOut
by TarteandBeanBoutique
by EverAfterByPatti


The Lion King
by EverAfterByPatti


The Little Mermaid
by EarsWestofNeverland
by Lizzyzbowtique
by Lizzyzbowtique


Mary Poppins
by OnceUponaStitch3


by EverAfterByPatti
by EarsWestofWonderland


Monsters, Inc.
by TarteandBeanBoutique


by MimisCollectibows


Nightmare Before Christmas
by MyFloweers


Oliver and Company
by PixiePlaceBoutique


Pete’s Dragon
by NicoleRoseCrafts
by TimbisyaCreations


Peter Pan
by Ulous
by EverAfterByPatti
by EarsWestofWonderland


by TheFairyGodsisters


Pirates of the Caribbean
by DoodadsbyDesign
by Lizzyzbowtique


by EarsbyLiz
by MakeMeMinnie


by Lizzyzbowtique
by EverAfterByPatti
by Lizzyzbowtique


Princess and the Frog
by HappilyEarAfter


by MakeMeMinnie


Snow White
by Lizzyzbowtique



Snow White Disney Inspired Ears, Snow White Mickey Ears,Snow White Inspired Ears Headband,Disney Inspired Snow White Ears, Mickey Mouse Ears
by ToNeverNeverland


Sleeping Beauty
by EarsWestofWonderland


by Lizzyzbowtique
by ToNeverNeverLand


by SeaWitchStitch


Toy Story
by JBPeppersWonderland
by ThisDFLove


Slinky Who used to love watching slinkys go down the stairs as a kid? #slinky #slinkyears #toystoryears #customears:



by Avengears


by EarsWestofWonderland



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  1. PixiePlaceBoutique

    Thank you so much for this post! So many great ears on here. Thank you for including my Oliver and Company ear! Glad you liked them enough to post them.

    29 . 03 . 2017

      Hello! I’m glad that you enjoyed this post! I truly admire your creativity! 🙂

      10 . 04 . 2017
  2. myfloweers

    i WAnted to thank you for including my “sally” inspired ears!! It’s a privilege to see them posted on your site:)

    25 . 06 . 2017

      Of course! 🙂

      26 . 06 . 2017
  3. Ever After By Patti

    Thank you so much for featuring so many of my DESIGns, truly grateful!! 😍❤

    26 . 06 . 2017

      Beautiful work deserves to be shared!

      06 . 07 . 2017
  4. Cindi grobelny

    Thank you so much for iNcluding Makememinnie in your wonderful Collection if mouse ears. Its am honor to be displayed with so mAny talenteD designers.

    16 . 07 . 2017

      Of course!

      17 . 07 . 2017
  5. Celena

    So cute and gave me ideas. Where have you found HEADBANDS for THESE?

    06 . 08 . 2017

      Hi Celena!

      Feel free to follow the links posted within the article to help you find the supplies you need to make your own set of ears 🙂

      22 . 09 . 2017
  6. Jacklyn Gonzalez

    These are amazing!

    16 . 08 . 2017


      22 . 09 . 2017
  7. Lizi

    How do you place the fabric so it lies smoothly? Do you use one piece for the whole ear or one for the front and back? I’ve tried making ears before, but struggle with covering them properly!

    05 . 09 . 2017

      Hi Lizi!

      Depending on the fabric, you may need to cut small slits or use one piece per side of the ear.

      Good luck! 🙂

      22 . 09 . 2017

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